Amazon Photos Desktop App

Key features

Preserve your family memories

Safely back up your digitized family portraits, or your latest pics from your DSLR, with the desktop app.

Set it and forget it

87彩票网登录Set a scheduled backup at a time that works best for you, and the app will automatically back up and secure your latest photos and videos.

Avoid duplicates

87彩票网登录Save time and storage space when the app automatically checks for duplicate photos and videos.

One-time uploads

Drag, drop, and you’re done!

Back up and restore your files

Upload your files as a backup, and download to any computer to restore them.

Getting started

Download and install the app

Then sign in with your Amazon account.

Download now

Select folders for backup

Choose the folders you want automatically backed up.

Customize your schedule

Choose specifically what and when to back up. Edit your choices anytime.

View photos and videos

On your phone

Download Amazon Photos for iOS and Android

On your Fire TV

Visit the app already available on your Fire TV

On your Echo Show

On your Echo Show, use the voice command, "Alexa, show my photos"

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